"A millenary gastronomic past"

18 years ago, chef Joan Bagur started working in the kitchen of Carmen Ramírez Degollado or “Titita”, from El Bajío in Mexico. He remained in this kitchen surrounded by “Mayoras”, the traditional Mexican cooks, whose recipes were measured in handfuls and pinches and cooked using only the products from the “Milpa”, the ancient farming system. This millenary cuisine has been passed down from mothers to daughters from the times of the Zapotecas. It is now a treasure inherited by Joan Bagur. A treasure that is the gastronomic foundation of Oaxaca along with its particular culinary philosophy. This knowledge has merged with the experience and curiosity of Iñaki Lz de Viñaspre in Barcelona, who is now responsible for making the ideas, wishes and structures of Oaxaca Cuina Mexicana come true.

Oaxaca nourishes from the essence, mysticism and tradition with the uttermost respect for the products from Mexican grounds. This is an evolved traditional cuisine which preserves very antique culinary processes and techniques for cooking sauces and dishes, but still allows to blend in contemporary and avant-garde techniques. Homemade nixtamalized corn “tortillas”, authentic “mole”, “guacamole” prepared at the table or a full coffee pot ritual. These landmarks of popular Mexican cuisine are all to be enjoyed right here.

In front of the beautiful Pla de Palau square, at the heart of the El Born district, OAXACA Cuina Mexicana offers a unique gate to the most authentic Mexican cuisine. A Mexican restaurant built with love and filled with details, from our Virgen de Guadalupe presiding the dining-room to our open kitchen with the “comal” (griddle for tortillas) right at the center, and an outdoor terrace to enjoy an unforgettable dinner. Passion, flavour and a spicy Mexican touch.

Oaxaca Cuina Mexicana