"Traditional Mexican dishes elevated with modern approaches and techniques."

ATX Cocina experiments with the boundaries of Mexican cuisine. We have taken traditional Mexican dishes and elevated them with modern approaches and techniques.

Corn, the basis of the Mexican cuisine for thousands of years, is also the foundation of our kitchen. We nixtamlize and process our masa in house sourcing it from heirloom varieties of corn grown by small family farms in Mexico.

The dishes and drinks created at ATX begin with respect for the Mexican tradition and then molded into our own vision. The experience is meant to be shared. The excitement exuded from the kitchen create a communal atmosphere and vibe throughout the restaurant.

The focus on natural and clean ingredients extends to the bar as well, which features organic agaves and curated tequilas and mezcals sourced from Mexico, hand-shaken margaritas, craft cocktails, freshly-squeezed juices, and an assortment of wine and beer.

Our experience inspired Mexican specialties are created with the highest quality seafood, chicken and beef. Dishes are prepared with the freshest, all natural ingredients available, and without unhealthy oils. The focus is on the authentic tastes and flavors of Mexico using non-GMO maize, beans and chilies that celebrate the origin.

ATX Cocina

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